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Traffic Lite Social GPS & Maps is a community-based traffic app. Join people from drivers, passengers and pedestrians in your area who share real-time traffic status & road info to help you save time, money, and improve daily commuting for everyone.

Our Main features

Real Time

Traffic Lite boost a real-time reporting system. With Traffic Lite, you can be sure to be alerted as the traffic changes.

99.9% Accuracy

Our reports are complete and concise, containing vital information such as traveling speed, number of road commuters, estimated journey time.


Never again would you be caught dead in a traffic jam. With our alerting feature, you will be alerted when traffic is at a standstill or free as a bird!

Real-time Reports

Traffic reports are generated on-the-go. Simply select any route of interest and bang! you can see what the traffic is like.

99.9% Accurate

Our reports are not speculated. We combine a series of factors such as speed, history, distance, location and commuters to compute a report that beats all!


We let you configure simple but powerful traffic alerts on routes. Now you can be alerted when the road traffic is slow, crawling, fast or even perfect for F1 racing!

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